Photo by Pia Post 2013

Photo by Pia Post 2013


In late spring and early summer it may be odd to think of patience. Greenery is springing up and branching out all over and faster than we can keep up with. The sun is working overtime, it’s life-force flooding our world with energy. We take up pastimes like spring cleaning, closet wardrobe changing and planning gatherings for family and friends to celebrate the warmer weather. We are in a rush to keep up with Mother Nature!

Island life springs up as fast as the dandelions…our community swells with the long awaited friends and visitors that come our way each year. We rush to prepare, we hurry to plant, we quickly fill the calendar…and occasionally find we have misplaced our patience! While I like to think of myself as a patient person, it’s amazing how often I catch myself at this time of year practicing impatience! Reminders do help, so I pluck my patience rock from it’s winter resting place, (next to the sun deprived bamboo and pile of bills),and place it right outside my door next to the walkway that leads to the outside world.

Patience as a practice deliberately places our attention on the here and now. It’s much different than waiting. With waiting you put your impatience on pause to be taken up again after an interval of time. Patience differs by letting you be aware while you are in the midst of your discomfort. Patience is exhibiting the capacity to accept as opposed to the ability to tolerate. Eventually, if we practice diligently, patience is unnoticeable in our minds. We just exhibit it in our behavior.

However, I’m very human and consequently very fallible, and I like reminders all around me. I looked around and noticed how many I actually have in my immediate space. Even the books on yoga speaking to me from the shelf!  All this reminders for a supposedly “patient” person!

Patience though, knows no season. I endeavor to recognize it when I see it in others and to practice it through all my reminders. When stepping past my patience rock as I step out into the world, I will enjoy all the distractions that this new season brings me. Patiently!

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Classically trained artist, knitwear designer, textile artist and certified in Methods of Japanese Psychology. Resident of Martha's Vineyard since 1975 and mother to a twenty year old daughter with the soul of a sage. I spend my time in various artistic phases of textile work, studying religions of Eastern philosophy, observing nature and delicately interacting with the world.

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