Apache Blessing

Photo by Pia Post 2013

Photo by Pia Post 2013


Apache Blessing

May the sun
bring you new energy by day,
May the moon
softly restore you at night,
May the rain
wash away your worries,
May the breeze
blow new strength into your being,
May you walk
gently through the world and know
its beauty all the days of your life.

This Apache Blessing usually resides on my refrigerator. The miracle of magnetization at its most useful! Whenever I go into the fridge, in any state of sleepiness in the morning, rushing at midday, or exhaustedly at night, I find this blessing and smile and ponder. There is quite a lot of competition on my refrigerator…many other magnets calling out my name. And they all have wonderful reminders on them…uplifting, stimulating, calming, funny and even solemn. I love these reminders…I seem to stare at the right one just when I need that piece of information. However, this Apache Blessing I read each time I open the door. Its simplicity, directness and sincerity touches me every time. After reading it I always ask myself this question…(yes, even before coffee!).

Do I walk gently enough through the world? I attempt to. In all the days of my life how many have been spent in this awareness of beauty?

Not nearly enough.

Right Path

Right Path Photo by Pia Post 2013

Right Path Photo by Pia Post 2013

Right Path

Walking along the beach I saw this feather right at my feet. It brought back a saying that my mother always used when spying a feather on our path during walks in the woods. “We’re on the right path” she would say. I would ask her how she knew we were on the right path and she replied that she was told by a Native American long ago that in his world a feather was a message…in this case the right path could have many meanings. Not only would you have chosen the right trail to follow but that your actions in the land of humans was correct and in line with spirits that looked over you.

I’ve thought a lot about this phrase growing up and realized that the natural world speaks to us all the time and that the voice at times is very faint due to our path of civilization. This listening to what is right in front of us however has become a lost art. What messages do we choose to hear?  What messages are lost in the din of our preoccupied thoughts? In paying attention to our path we may hear the whispers that guide us.

In looking for messages from the natural world I seem to be really searching for myself. Looking for a direction to follow that aligns with the map I’m making as I continue my journey in living. When I see a feather in my path now I stop and ask myself…am I going in the right direction? I consult my inner compass, which I believe is my conscience, and see if there is resonance there. The feather may not be able to tell me to turn right or left, but it gives me the pause I need to evaluate my actions of late and decide if I need to change course.

I leave the feathers where they are now, I take photos instead of collecting them. But I always hear my mother’s voice saying “We’re on the right path.”


Photo by Pia Post 2013

Photo by Pia Post 2013


In late spring and early summer it may be odd to think of patience. Greenery is springing up and branching out all over and faster than we can keep up with. The sun is working overtime, it’s life-force flooding our world with energy. We take up pastimes like spring cleaning, closet wardrobe changing and planning gatherings for family and friends to celebrate the warmer weather. We are in a rush to keep up with Mother Nature!

Island life springs up as fast as the dandelions…our community swells with the long awaited friends and visitors that come our way each year. We rush to prepare, we hurry to plant, we quickly fill the calendar…and occasionally find we have misplaced our patience! While I like to think of myself as a patient person, it’s amazing how often I catch myself at this time of year practicing impatience! Reminders do help, so I pluck my patience rock from it’s winter resting place, (next to the sun deprived bamboo and pile of bills),and place it right outside my door next to the walkway that leads to the outside world.

Patience as a practice deliberately places our attention on the here and now. It’s much different than waiting. With waiting you put your impatience on pause to be taken up again after an interval of time. Patience differs by letting you be aware while you are in the midst of your discomfort. Patience is exhibiting the capacity to accept as opposed to the ability to tolerate. Eventually, if we practice diligently, patience is unnoticeable in our minds. We just exhibit it in our behavior.

However, I’m very human and consequently very fallible, and I like reminders all around me. I looked around and noticed how many I actually have in my immediate space. Even the books on yoga speaking to me from the shelf!  All this reminders for a supposedly “patient” person!

Patience though, knows no season. I endeavor to recognize it when I see it in others and to practice it through all my reminders. When stepping past my patience rock as I step out into the world, I will enjoy all the distractions that this new season brings me. Patiently!

Branching Out

Photo by Pia Post 2013

Branching out. Two short words bursting with powerful images. Immediately we may see a tree branch in our minds laden with spring buds ready to begin their journey in an exuberance of flowering. Or we may conjure up a scene of our own growth…going from one life phase to the next. This time of year we are surrounded by graduation ceremonies full of young lives stepping away into new directions. The visual barrage of the vivid green of springtime carries our thoughts away from the tightly wound cocoon of our inner lives and into to the promise of a fresh new existence.

Branching out happens in many ways. Tentatively or with alacrity. Blindly or with a clear goal. By instinct or design. With confidence or with faith only. By any definition or approach the way of branching out is clear…one of outward attention and sustained focus. When the intention is clear the fullness of growth follows. I think of the tendrils of vines that seem to call each other, find each other and entwine with each other to increase strength and therefore growth. We human beings do this when we gather in groups with like minded purpose or belief. Our attention is outwardly focused and releases our individual energy to be shared. This outer focused direction is very much like the buds on a spring branch…the flow of direction leads to the flowering of potential.

I think of this cyclical renewal as I watch spring unfold, with flowers bursting forth from plump buds. What potential is within me that I haven’t nourished with an outward focus? What within me would like to see the light of day this year and have a chance at growth? Each year this question calls, and each year I add another small bud that I hope will flower. Some have blossomed, and some have not. As on a tree branch though I can see the evidence of past attempts and can only try again this year.

Branching out is happening all around me…and as my thoughts coalesce into a sustained focus, I join in with all of springtime and dream of the fragrance of fruition.

Spiritual Gardener

I wanna take the preconceived
Out from underneath your feet
We could shake it off
Instead we’ll plant some seeds
We’ll watch them as they grow
And with each new beat
From your heart the roots grow deeper
The branches will they reach for love
                       -Jack Johnson

Happy Spring and Welcome to my first blog post for The Life Divine!

For me, beginnings are all about intention and Spring is the ideal time to begin-A season of renewal. So let’s put some love into motion!

I am a firm believer in the Law of Karma, of sowing and of reaping and understand that the mind is very much like a garden. The seeds that we plant mentally, physically and spiritually, in fertile soil, combined with the right conditions and timing will literally take root, for better or for worse. The key is to be conscious of what seeds we are planting in our mind garden- Thought, Word, Deed and Motivation Seeds.

Honest introspection and self analysis takes some courage but can be quite eye opening and the rewards are truly great. We quickly begin to realize that although there is much in this life that we can’t control, surprisingly there is also quite a lot that we can help to direct. And as a self professed control freak this is great news!

So let’s freshen up the mind soil so to speak, and do some weeding. Healthy soil will give life to fresh thought seeds and create space for new roots to grow. Begin by pulling out those overgrown weeds of old thought patterns and beliefs which limit us and no longer serve us in a positive way. Let’s replace them with new seeds infused with peace, compassion and understanding for ourselves and for others.

Let’s show the garden some love by nurturing and supporting those delicate new roots so that they can grow to be strong and develop into powerful tools of healing and healthy new habits.

And as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi says, “Water the root and enjoy the fruit .”

Love it!

And don’t be surprised by what grows because it is the result of what we ourselves have planted and cultivated, which reminds me of the proverb, a pear tree cannot bear an apple. Very true-

“Follow the wisdom provided by nature. Everything in moderation – sunlight, water, nutrients. Too much of a good thing will topple your structure. You can’t harvest what you don’t sow. So plant your desires, gently nurture them, and they will be rewarded with abundance.” – Vivian Elisabeth Glyck

What seeds are you planting?

What will your branches reach for?

Enjoy the Harvest!