Branching Out

Photo by Pia Post 2013

Branching out. Two short words bursting with powerful images. Immediately we may see a tree branch in our minds laden with spring buds ready to begin their journey in an exuberance of flowering. Or we may conjure up a scene of our own growth…going from one life phase to the next. This time of year we are surrounded by graduation ceremonies full of young lives stepping away into new directions. The visual barrage of the vivid green of springtime carries our thoughts away from the tightly wound cocoon of our inner lives and into to the promise of a fresh new existence.

Branching out happens in many ways. Tentatively or with alacrity. Blindly or with a clear goal. By instinct or design. With confidence or with faith only. By any definition or approach the way of branching out is clear…one of outward attention and sustained focus. When the intention is clear the fullness of growth follows. I think of the tendrils of vines that seem to call each other, find each other and entwine with each other to increase strength and therefore growth. We human beings do this when we gather in groups with like minded purpose or belief. Our attention is outwardly focused and releases our individual energy to be shared. This outer focused direction is very much like the buds on a spring branch…the flow of direction leads to the flowering of potential.

I think of this cyclical renewal as I watch spring unfold, with flowers bursting forth from plump buds. What potential is within me that I haven’t nourished with an outward focus? What within me would like to see the light of day this year and have a chance at growth? Each year this question calls, and each year I add another small bud that I hope will flower. Some have blossomed, and some have not. As on a tree branch though I can see the evidence of past attempts and can only try again this year.

Branching out is happening all around me…and as my thoughts coalesce into a sustained focus, I join in with all of springtime and dream of the fragrance of fruition.

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About Pia Post

Classically trained artist, knitwear designer, textile artist and certified in Methods of Japanese Psychology. Resident of Martha's Vineyard since 1975 and mother to a twenty year old daughter with the soul of a sage. I spend my time in various artistic phases of textile work, studying religions of Eastern philosophy, observing nature and delicately interacting with the world.

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